Online Learning with The Leela Academy

The Leela Academy’s online educational program offers students around the globe with the opportunity to experience the richness and joy of kathak dance. The program offers introductory classes for beginning students as well as in-depth workshops for intermediate students looking to enrich their knowledge and practice. Online classes and workshops provide sequential learning and students can progress from one level to the next. Leela’s online program is open to teens and adults age 12 and above.

Inquiries & Registration

P: 310-987-7809


Kathak For All
Free to the Public

Wednesdays 6:30pm | 50 minutes

Classes limited to 8 students

*This 50-minute workshop provides students of all ages and background with a fun and engaging introduction to the rich world of Kathak dance. Most students attend one workshop and then progress to the Kathak 101 class.
Kathak 101
$60 per person

June 1st – June 19th
Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm PST | 50 minutes
6 classes in total
Kathak Immersive
$85 per person

An immersive 4-day workshop that provides students with a way to refine their technique, expand their movement repertoire and accelerate their progress.

June 22nd – June 25th
Mondays through Thursday
5:00-7:00pm PST

Workshop Series with Rina Mehta
A series of topic-specific workshops for avid kathak students seeking to expand their knowledge and elevate their dance

May 11th
Building & Refining Kathak Technique
A workshop designed to provide students with tools and exercises that support improvement in core technique of kathak dance including footwork and pirouettes (chakkars).
May 18th
Integrating Music & Dance in Kathak
A workshop dedicated to helping students understand how to integrate music and musicality with their dance.
June 1st
Introduction to Kathak Yoga
A workshop that introduces students to Pt. Chitresh Das’ groundbreaking pedagogical innovation, Kathak Yoga, enabling dancers to gain a multidimensional awareness and ability of taal and xxx.
June 15th
Rhythm & Improvisation in Kathak
A workshop that helps students advance their abilities in improvisation and rhythmic expression.
$15 – Single Workshop
$50 – Full Series